Current Projects

Retractable Plug Holder

Retractable Plug holder works on the unique space saving concept where the customer has the ability to use multiple plug points with out any hassles and stash them inside when there is no use there by saving space and match with the interior design.

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Plastic Floor Tiles

Plastic crates designed by Sugeetha were tested in high tensile environments and for long term durability. Low in Cost. Easy to Install. Can be used in any kind of surfaces as a temporary and non-slippery floors. Comes in variety of colors.

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Plastic crates designed by Sugeetha were designed and tested for the long endurance, best functionality and with supreme product quality. These crates are used for multiple purposes like packaging and transporting of fruits, vegetables and other transport purposes.

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Foldable Water Bottles

Folding Water Bottles designed by Sugeetha comes under our space saving category and will be made by food grade BPA free plastic for safer consumption and long term endurance. For kids lunch boxes can be part in carry on luggage's.

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Silicone Food Cap

Silicone Food Cap designed by Sugeetha comes under our health care category where contamination of any food or half cut fruits by capping it on time with food grade silicone capping. Used for capping of half cut fruits, vegetables.

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Foldable Helmet

Folding Helmet is a designed concept by Sugeetha is a space saving helmet which reduces up to 65% of its original size when folded without compromising safety features.

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Indoor Farming Equipment

Indoor Farming Equipments designed and manufactured by Sugeetha were created to anhance the gardening hobby skills and to grow essential herbal plants at home to make everybody's food and kitchen a minisuper mart equipped with self watering and photosynthesis technology.

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Room in 1

Room in 1 is a unique product where all the essential furniture needed in a room compacted in a small box, weighingh less than 70 kg. you can take this box anywhere along with you. No hassel of packers and movers or worrying about shipping your furniture. all you need is fold the furniture and keep it in the box and take it with you.

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